The number of people working or studying from home has exponentially increased over the past year. Less time commuting to and from workplaces and schools means that people now have more free time. Naturally, people are looking for ways to fill this additional free time to prevent boredom. No matter who you are, indoor home gardening is a hobby that you should consider trying. Here are some of the benefits of indoor home gardening:

Save money on groceries

If you love micro-greens like arugula, cilantro, and pea shoots, you should know that they can add up quickly on your grocery bill. However, you can save a lot of money by easily growing them at home with an indoor home garden!

Fresh, delicious produce

Unlike produce from supermarkets, which actually can be a few weeks old before you buy it, indoor home gardens allow you to pick fresh produce right when you need it! Say it with me now: "Out with the old (produce), in with the new (fresh and tasty produce)!"

Mental health booster

Exposure to plants is associated with reduced levels of anxiety and depression. The mindful practice of caring for an indoor home garden can soothe the soul.

Add style to your home

With so many varieties of plants in different shapes and sizes, there's endless opportunity for home decorating. You can also swap out that boring old clay pot for something with more flair or "pazazz"!

Indoors = all-year

In colder climates, it's difficult to have an outdoor garden because the weather is only warm for a few months out of the whole year. Indoor home gardens let you grow what you want, when you want it!

These are just some of the many reasons why indoor home gardening is amazing. If you're sold on indoor home gardening but unsure where to begin, Agroage has your back. We're not yet ready to open up to the general public, but you can register for early access on our home page to get a sneak peek at what we'll be offering!😉